Reclaiming our bodies from the pornographic and bulimic mainstream demands that we speak openly about our experiences and identifications … Instead of reproducing the image of the woman-plastic as a unique representation, the comics propose to unravel the oppressive modes and explore other aesthetic possibilities and stories that tell new narratives about our sexualities.

With Thomas Azuélos (FR) / Zineb Benjelloun (MA) / Jonathan Blezard (BE) / Paula Bulling (DE) / Jennifer Camper (USA) / Mery Cuesta (ESP) / Hélène Georges (FR) / Ghadi Ghosn (LB) / Noha Habaieb (TN) / Abir Gasmi (TN) / Kamal Hakim (LB) / Nour Hifawi Fakhouri (LB) / Joseph Kai (LB) / Karen Keyrouz (LB) / Omar Khouri (LB) / Mai Korayem (EG) / Mohamad Kraytem (LB) / Raphaëlle Macaron (LB) / Lisa Mandel (FR) / Lena Merhej (LB) / Helena Nehme (LB) / Manuel Maria Almereyda Perrone (CH) / Hashem Reslan (LB) / Barrack Rima (LB) / Othman Selmi (TN) / Lara Tabet (LB) / Jana Traboulsi (LB) / Ala Wazni Fai (LB) Cover: Samara Sallam (SY) / Layout and Graphics: Lama Zwein.

Under the supervision of Lena Merhej. Co-publication with Alifbata (France). Editorial Direction: Simona Gabrielli. 288 pages, black & white, 20 cm x 26 cm. French, Arabic, and English; translation included. Published with the support of the French Institute of Beirut, the Goethe Institute of Beirut, the Lebanese American University (LAU), the Tanit Gallery and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.