EXPERIMENTATION is an experimental book that makes translation coincide with graphic adaptation: four people (two of whom come from another discipline than comics) each write a scenario for an eight-page story with a short narrative text and dialogues. Each scenario is translated and adapted into a comic in four versions by four different comic artists: Arabic, French, English and silent versions (the silent version being the most experimental because the narrative text and dialogues must be translated into drawing).

Scenarios by: Adeline Rosenstein (CH) / Alex Baladi (CH) / Samir Youssef (LB) / Abir Gasmi (TN)) / Drawings: Cécile Koepfli (CH) / Maurane Mazars / JM Bertoyas / Pierre Schilling / Nour Hifaoui (LB) / Mohamad Koraytem (LB) / Raphaelle Macaron (LB) / Jana Traboulsi (LB) / Lena Merhej (LB) / Tracy Chahwan (LB) / Joseph Kai (LB) / Ghadi Ghosn (LB) / Aude Barrio de Sousa / Andreas Kündig + Ibn al Rabin / Karen Keyrouz (LB) / Alex Chauvel (FR) / Covers: Sandra Ghosn (LB) / Helge Reumann / Typography: David Habchy (LB) / Mock up and Graphics: Tala Safie (LB)

Under the direction of Alex Baladi, 176 pages, print in 5 colors on white paper, 19 cm x 26 cm. Published with the support of the City of Geneva, The Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, The French Institute and the Bureau du livre of Beirut.