A trip, a distance, a dream from elsewhere, a walk, an adventure of discovery, a constraint, a fear of a place or even a return to oneself … The comics gathered in Geography tell the village, the city, the country, the continent, the in-between. They travel the extent that authors cross through their subjects, ways of representation and different sources of stories.

With Michèle Standjofski (LB) / Paul Rey (FR) / Barrack Rima (LB) / Joseph Kaï (LB) / Gregory Buchakjian (LB) / Zeina Bassil (LB) / Raphaëlle Macaron (LB) / Vincent Longhi (FR) / Alex Baladi (CH) / Jonathan Blezard (BE) / Cynthia Merhej (LB) / Karen Keyrouz (LB) / Lena Merhej (LB) / Migo (EG) / Hatem Imam (LB) / Jana Traboulsi (LB) Cover: Joseph Kai (LB) LB) / Scale and style: Lama Zouein

Under the direction of Joseph Kaï. 255 pages, color and black & white, 20 cm x 26 cm. French, Arabic and English; translation included. Published with the support of the French Institute of Beirut and the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon.